About Us

Who we are?

Pharmacists are an indispensable aspect of healthcare and do their best to provide optimum care. As pharmacists we want the patients to be well informed of their choices, pricing, and availability of their drugs and that is what we at MyRxPal strive for. We work to make the pharmacy experience affordable and easy to access for the consumer. We haven't forgotten our furry friends, MyRxPal is also available for Pet Rx discounts and pharmacies. MyRxPal connects community pharmacies with potential consumers and helps consumers find the best possible prices for their prescriptions.

It is possible to find anything at the click of a button, yet when it comes to essentials like comparing drug prices online there are very limited options, and the ones that exist lack transparency, ethics in patient privacy, or their commission fee is not economically beneficial to pharmacy providers.

So we've created a platform that allows you to find a pharmacy, send refill or transfer requests, book appointments, search deals, and more. We are excited to bring you more features as we expand and invite your feedback.

Our Mission

We aim to create a secured platform where pharmacies and consumers come together to reap maximum benefits. A platform that plays a role in the advancement of patient healthcare and transparency in pricing through solutions that engage the consumer with pharmacies for a great experience. We want to level the playing field for the pharmaceutical industry by helping them engage with their customers, promote their business, and manage their operations. Our goal is to bring transparency to the industry and provide opportunities for big and small pharmacies to elevate patient care, reduce expenses, and provide customers with a cost-effective, high satisfaction experience.

Our Journey

As independent pharmacists with a passion for healthcare and information technology, we founded MyRxPal in 2014. We are challenged to come up with new ways to provide efficient patient care and solve existing problems within our pharmacy practice. Among the many issues we sought out to fix were of which prescription drug costs and compliance. We were powerless when it came to fluctuating drug prices owing to insurance contracts and the many middlemen involved. So, we set out to create a platform to allow community pharmacies to directly publish prescription prices and allow consumers a single platform to communicate with the pharmacy of their choice. We are working on connecting the integral parts of healthcare (patients, medical providers, and pharmacies).

What we do ?

✔ Search drug prices offered by member community pharmacies.
✔ Lock in special savings through our exclusive RxPon drug coupon program sold and managed by community pharmacies.
✔ Send refill or transfer requests to the pharmacies of their choice
✔ Request drug pricing from member pharmacies
✔ Find a pharmacy that suits your health needs and budget
✔ Book appointments for in-person and online virtual visits.(coming soon)
✔ Read and publish medication rating reviews.
✔ Provide pharmacy rating reviews.
✔ Check manufacturer coupons to save even more on your medications

✔ Publish prescription drug cash pricing also known as Usual and Customary directly to consumers
✔ Create exclusive prescription drug pricing for consumer members using the RxPon Voucher Medication Savings Program.
✔ Create a public profile for new and existing consumers to easily find/learn about your business.
✔ Publish drug coupons to help customers save even more and reach new audience.
✔ Receive refill, transfer, and drug pricing requests from new and existing customers.
✔ Manage your pharmacy's perpetual inventory
✔ Audit Compliance
✔ User Accountability
✔ Custom Reporting Tools
✔ Alerts and Notification Tools

Are you a healthcare provider?

We provide solutions to help community pharmacies engage with customers in their market, promote their products or services and tools to improve pharmacy operations. Check out our business solutions for healthcare providers for more details. Learn More